Tips For Choosing Clothes That Are Suitable For Exercise

Tips For Choosing Clothes That Are Suitable For Exercise

Why You Should Choose The Right Clothes When You Work Out?

Choosing the right clothes when exercising is very important. This is because choosing the right workout clothes is the key to exercising comfortably. You have to match your sports clothes to the sports activities you will be doing. So you can move more freely, comfortably, and safely.

Wearing the right workout clothes doesn’t just increase comfort. The right sports clothes can also prevent you from the risk of injuries such as sprains, joint dislocations, knee pain to back pain.

In His journal High-Performance Sportswear, R.M. Rossi mentions that Sportswear can help athletes to maintain or even improve their performance, either by optimizing their thermal physiology, by supporting their movement with an optimal combination of elastic and compression structures, or by monitoring activity and physiological status with embedded sensors.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Clothes For Exercising

1. Choose the Right Size Sportswear

Choose The Right Sportswear

You have to adjust the size of the sportswear to the type of sports activity you will be doing. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose. For example, use sports clothes made of spandex that stretch easily but fit the body when doing Yoga or Pilates activities. Because these clothes can help you move more freely.

Meanwhile, if you are cycling or jogging, you should avoid wearing loose trousers. Because of the risk of making you fall due to tripping while running or getting caught on the bicycle pedal.

2. Choose a Comfortable Material

Spandex Sportswear

Each sportswear material has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, choosing the right material for sportswear is as important as choosing the size. For example, cotton sportswear feels good against the skin and absorbs sweat well. Because it easily absorbs sweat so it is easier to moisten and feel heavy when you use it.

In addition, sportswear with synthetic base materials such as polypropylene can accelerate sweat evaporation and maintain a stable body temperature.

3. Choose the Right Sports Shoes

Running Shoes

Don’t forget that shoes play an important role in exercising comfortably and avoiding injury. Tennis, golf, running, and basketball is just some of the activities that require special shoes to carry out sports activities. When it comes to lifting weights, you need the right form and have a firm grip, and be flat on the ground. In this case, high-tech, thick-soled running shoes are not recommended and are dangerous.

A cardio class means you’ll be constantly jumping and shuffling from side to side. This means you will need a pair of shoes that provide adequate cushioning and support as well as grip.

Which in turn differs from running shoes which are chosen based on how you run. For example, some people need shoes that prevent their feet from rolling inward while running.

4. Choosing the Right Sports Bra For Women

Choose The Right Sportsbra

For women, you should use the right sports bra when exercising. Choosing the right sports bra can help you support and reduce shock in the breast area due to intense movement during exercise. A sports bra can also help you to move freely and reduce the risk of pain and prevent breast sagging.

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What Are Suitable Materials For Sportswear?

To make your training sessions comfortable, you need clothes that reduce sweating and allow you to move quickly. Therefore, sportswear is made with special types of materials such as:

1. Cotton Material

Previously the prevailing belief among the people was that cotton is a material that does not absorb sweat, so it is not a good choice for active wear.

However, recently, sportswear made of cotton is available because it has better odor management than with other materials because it is breathable and does not hold bad odors. However, in terms of fast sweat absorption, cotton still lags behind.

2. Spandex

Spandex is one of the most common types of material used in sportswear. This is because spandex material has a high tensile strength, making clothes agile and comfortable to move.

In fact, this material is known to stretch 100 times its original size, making it a favorite material for sportswear. Especially? This material is known to be able to absorb sweat, breathe and dry quickly.

3. Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex is a hybrid material that is not only used to make sportswear such as jackets, but also running shoes. It is a cloth film that is generally coated over sportswear to make it airtight and water-resistant.

Despite its quality, it’s still a breathable material and a great choice for high-intensity workouts. Basically, clothing with this material keeps wind and water outside but allows sweat to evaporate. Therefore, this material is a good choice for windcheaters/windbreaker jackets.

4. Polyester

Polyester is another common type of material that you will often find in sportswear. It is basically a fabric made of plastic fibers making it light, wrinkle-free, durable, and breathable. Polyester fabrics are not naturally absorbent, which means that your sweat is not absorbed by these fabrics but allows them to dry on their own. Polyester also has insulating properties, making it a good choice for both hot and cold weather.

5. Neoprene

Neoprene is a synthetic fabric and is one of the thickest of the options we mentioned earlier. This material has a foam-like texture that acts as an insulator as well as a water barrier. Neoprene, therefore, is mostly used in the manufacture of water sports apparel such as wetsuits.

Types of Sportswear That You Should Know

1. Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

A Polo shirt is a type of sportswear that was originally used in polo and golf. At first polo shirts were made to replace tennis clothes at that time which were considered less comfortable. Over time, polo shirts regain their popularity and started to be used not only for sports.

2. Jersey

Michael Jordan Jersey

Jersey is sports clothing worn by a sports team or athlete with the team logo, name, and jersey number. Jersey shirts have many types such as bicycle jerseys, soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, volleyball jerseys, and so on. Jersey clothes are usually made using materials such as Dryfit, Spandex, or Hyget materials.

3. Legging

Women wearing leggings and sneakers

Leggings are several types of leg coverings that vary from year to year. Modern usage from the 1960s onwards has referred to tight, stretchy high garments worn over the legs usually by women, such as leg warmers or tights.

With the widespread adoption of the synthetic fiber, Lycra, and the increasing popularity of aerobics, leggings became more prominent in the 1970s and 80s and eventually became streetwear. Leggings are now part of the sports fashion trend of the 2020s, which is to wear activewear in addition to sports activities for casual use.

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4. Jumper Hoodie

Women's Classic Jumper Hoodie

A jumper hoodie is a jacket with a hood made of fleece cotton or baby terry material. The difference with other hoodie jackets is that the jumper hoodie doesn’t have a zipper so it’s used like we use a t-shirt. A jumper hoodie jacket is perfect if you are looking for sports clothes that can also be used for daily activities as part of the current athleisure trend.

5. Sneakers

Sneakers Sport Shoes

Sneakers are shoes that are actually designed for sports or forms of physical exercise. Along with the times, sneakers are now not only used for sports or for physical exercise, but also as shoes that can be used daily and support the appearance in order to get a classy fashion look.

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6. T-Shirt Sportswear

Gymshark x Steeve Cook Sportswear T-shirt

This t-shirt is just as casual as any other t-shirt, but you can still do sports activities while looking stylish. If you’re confused about choosing the right workout clothes then a sports t-shirt is the right choice for you.


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