Copywriter: A Profession That Is Always Needed By Companies In This Digital Era

Copywriter A Profesion at Is Always Needed By Companies In This Digital Era

Do you love writing and have a passion for marketing? If so, then a job as a copywriter is perfect for you. A copywriter is also very much needed for companies to electronic and online media to promote their brand.

Because the need for copywriters is high in various companies, it is better for you to immediately make a job application as well as compile a good CV. Get here an example of an attractive CV for a copywriter profession.

But before that, make sure you learn more about the copywriter profession. Here’s the explanation!

Copywriter at a Glance

A copywriter is a profession that aims to promote and inform about products and services. This profession is related to the image of a particular company or brand.

Often copywriters are equated with content writers. In fact, the two are different, content writers focus more on educational and informative writing. In contrast, copywriters emphasize writing to influence readers to buy a product or use a service.

Copywriters are the main key to carrying out marketing strategies. Because copywriters must be able to introduce products in various ways. For example, by creating memorable company slogans and writing jingles for certain products.

Generally, copywriters will work in the creative division. So, his job is to process sentences and words to make advertisements more attractive. An example of a copywriter’s work is Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”.

Copywriter Duties

Copywriters have an important role in a company. Therefore, before you decide to enter this field, you should first recognize the duties of a copywriter below:

  1. Producing content on social media that is able to reflect the face of a particular brand or brand for various marketing media such as AdWords, Landing pages, YouTube Ads, website content, advertisements on TV and radio, social media, email marketing, and so on.
  2. Producing high-quality content so that it can represent the company well. The content should also follow the style of the company being represented.
  3. Must be able to collaborate with various parties such as marketing, PR, and also customer service.
  4. Creative ideas must be interpreted well, meaning, a content writer must be able to adapt the points that come from the creative party to become interesting persuasive content.
  5. Propose a creative concept as content. So a copywriter must be able to present a good concept and content production strategy to the higher-ups in a company.
  6. Able to understand communication media, production, and techniques and methods in disseminating them.
  7. Explore visual and text ideas and concepts with the creative team and present initial ideas that can later be submitted to the creative director.
  8. Oversee production and work closely with illustrators, designers, photographers, printers, and production companies.

Copywriter Qualifications

To become a copywriter, you must meet the qualifications in order to perform your duties well. The qualifications are as follows:

  1. Have good writing skills by mastering vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and correct spelling.
  2. Can make interesting headlines because most people will read content based on its title. If the title is interesting, then people will be interested in reading the entire content.
  3. Be able to understand the comfort of the reader, meaning that the reader can see the writing based on the points included in the content. For that, create the right sentence structure, and pay attention to the title, paragraph, title, and sub-title.
  4. Mastering English in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and so on.
  5. Must know who the target audience is so that the content can be tailored to that audience.
  6. Can create content that can be responded to by the market. So, copywriters must be able to wrap up sales while providing benefits to the audience.
  7. Interested in the psychological basis in order to learn about the target consumers.
  8. Must be able to be up to date by paying attention to the latest trends as well as what is happening so that it can be applied to the advertising text created.
  9. Have good time management because they often deal with deadlines.

Where are copywriters needed?

Nowadays, almost all lines of business and companies need copywriters considering their importance for marketing activities. Especially for companies that develop their brands through online media. There are several positions a copywriter can work in, including:

  • Mass media
  • Advertising agency
  • Private company
  • Freelancer
  • Part of the creative team
  • Online media
  • Marketing department

Education that a Copywriter Should Undergo

The copywriter profession basically does not require special formal education. However, usually, this profession comes from advertising, communication science, literature, and marketing communication majors.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that this copywriting job comes from other education. Because, what is more, need is the skill and ability to write and promote a product.

Thus the explanation about copywriter, are you interested in this field? If so, complete your qualifications according to what a company needs. Hopefully, the above explanation is useful!


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