Why Should You Wear a Jacket by Fila?

Fila Sportswear Brand

If you’re looking for quality sportswear, consider the Fila brand. Not only are they comfortable to wear while working out, but Fila’s clothing designs are so trendy that they make the wearer look stylish. Try wearing one of the following Fla jackets to keep you looking cool while working out.

Fila is one of the best brands in the world

You must be familiar with the famous brand, Fila. Its products must be neatly arranged along with other famous clothing brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. The brand, which has been established since 1911 in Biella, a small town in Italy, initially only produced underwear for local residents. Over time, Fila expanded the business by making sportswear.

Fila History

Fila became one of the most iconic sportswear brands in the world after launching The White Line in 1974. The White Line was a type of tennis apparel product that developed into the foundation for today’s tennis apparel.

In 2000, Fila experienced a shake-up due to intense competition from other top sportswear brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Nike. Until 2007, all of Fila’s production was taken over by Fila Korea which made it successfully become the leading sportswear brand in South Korea. This development made Fila able to survive the onslaught of various newly emerging sportswear brands.

Fila gives a touch of art to every design released so that it can support the performance of athletes very well. Fila’s long history as the world’s leading sportswear brand has led Fila to sponsor various sports teams such as the Australian cricket team and the South Korean soccer team.

It also sponsors famous athletes such as Kim Clijsters, Borris Becker, and many others. These things show Fila’s dedication and contribution to the development and progress of the sports world.

Reasons to Wear Fila Jackets

There are so many jacket brands out there, but why should you choose Fila? Here’s why!

1. Good Quality

Fila Sportswear

Fila’s sports jackets reflect its dedication to quality and improving the performance of sports athletes. This is reflected in Fila’s slogan “Power Style” which supports its products to always be artistic and quality.

As one of the largest sportswear manufacturing brands in the world, Fila is renowned for its quality assurance. The sports products produced are aimed at a wide range of people with an unlimited age range.

2. Improving Performance

Fila Running Shoes

Research from Northwestern University in Illinois, United States shows that having workout clothes stored in your closet is a reminder for you to start exercising. By having a set of workout clothes, such as shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets specifically for exercising, your desire to start exercising regularly will increase.

The Journal of Consumer Research also points out the placebo effect or suggestion when someone wears workout clothes from well-known brands or designers. This effect gives a feeling of excitement, reduces feelings of anxiety, and increases self-confidence. However, the placebo effect only affects beginners and not professional athletes.

If you are a beginner in sports, this opinion may apply. By wearing products from Fila, you may be more energized when you exercise. Your body will also be healthier if you exercise regularly.

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3. Boost Self-Confidence

Fila Sweatshirt

Wearing brand-name clothes or accessories can bring out positive feelings in the wearer. This feeling will generate high self-confidence. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many people to spend a lot of money just to buy clothes from famous designers or brands.

In sociology, this is called conspicuous consumption. Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D., Brand Consultant & Ethnographer, explained that irrational considerations of emotional impulses will encourage people to buy and choose items that are easily recognizable by the public such as bags, watches, clothes, jewelry, or cars. Therefore, brands and self-image encourage consumers to buy branded goods for mere prestige considerations.

Fila’s trendy sportswear models will make you look cool. If you’re already cool, you’ll be more confident to do your activities.

4. Best Technology

Pierluigi Rolando Fila Polo Shirt

After a successful breakthrough in making apparel for tennis athletes, Fila expanded its product projection to the extreme sports territory of mountaineering. By using modern technology, Fila is able to produce best-in-class sportswear.

Pioneering the production of specialized mountaineering products is Enrico Fracey, Fila’s Managing Director. His passion for climbing sparked the White Rock range of clothing. Through extensive research and the use of quality materials, Fila is able to produce products that can withstand the harsh conditions of the mountains.

Fila also produces the Sailcloth Jacket, which is made from the same material as a boat sail. This product is designed with 4 pockets that help facilitate movement during climbing. Legendary climbing icon Reinhold Messner was one of the people who popularized Fila jackets during his climb of Mount Everest.

Not only that, Fila proved to continue to make breakthroughs using modern technology for products created through the ski jacket used by Ingemar Stenmark.

A product will not be recognized by the public until an athlete wears it. The now iconic blue and yellow jacket was designed by Pierluigi Rolando. He designed the jacket to provide flexibility and protection. Not only that, the jacket is lightweight, safe, and stylish to wear.

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