OZZA KONVEKSI: Making Quality Shirts at Affordable Prices in Jogja

Press Release

Yogyakarta, 16 February 2024 — Ozza Konveksi, a leading garment company in Yogyakarta, is proud to announce our superior service: Cheap Shirt Making Services. With our commitment to quality, timeliness, and affordable prices, Ozza Konveksi is the ideal partner for individuals, communities, and businesses who need quality shirts.

Why Choose Ozza Konveksi?

  1. Affordable Prices: We understand the importance of quality shirts without breaking the bank. Ozza Konveksi offers competitive prices so you can have quality shirts without digging too deep into your pockets.
  2. Various Design Choices: From formal shirts to casual shirts, we have various designs that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you need shirts for office events, promotions, or everyday needs, we are ready to help.
  3. Guaranteed Quality: Ozza Konveksi uses high-quality materials and a careful production process. Each of our shirts is designed to be durable and comfortable to wear.
  4. Excellent Service: Our team is ready to provide friendly and responsive service. We listen to your needs and strive to provide the best solution.

How to Order Shirts at Ozza Konveksi

  1. Consultation: Contact us for consultation on the design and specifications of the shirt you want.
  2. Choose a Design: Choose a shirt design from the various options we offer.
  3. Production: Our team will start the production process with precision and expertise.
  4. Delivery: Your shirt will be sent on time as agreed.

About Ozza Konveksi

Ozza Konveksi was founded in 2011 and has built good relationships with various formal and non-formal institutions throughout the archipelago, even in Malaysia. We focus on producing jackets, screen-printed t-shirts, polo shirts, uniforms, and shirts. Quality, integrity, and professionalism are our cornerstones in serving customers.

For more information, visit our website.

Media Contact: Ozza Konveksi | Email: [email protected] | Telephone: 0896-1577-2461


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