8 Korean Celebrity Styles Using Flannel Shirts (Must Try!)

korean Celebrity Style Using Flannel Shirt

Do you want to wear a flannel shirt but don’t know how to combine it? As we know, flannel shirts are a fashion item with a distinctive plaid pattern that has been popular since the 2000s.

Because it is easy to combine with various styles, it is not surprising that flannel shirts are favored by many people, including Korean celebrities.

For those of you who are looking for fashion style references, here are some Korean celebrity style inspirations using flannel shirts that you can try!

1. Look casual with a flannel shirt and white T-shirt combo like IU

IU Flannel Shirt Style

The first flannel shirt style inspiration comes from the talented singer, IU. The singer, whose real name is Lee Ji Eun, is seen wearing a bright red flannel shirt. The flannel shirt is nicely paired with a white short-sleeved T-shirt and black jeans. To add a relaxed and casual impression, IU deliberately did not button up and used the flannel shirt as an outer.

2. Look elegant like Lee Sung Kyung by combining a flannel shirt and diamond earrings

Lee Sung Kyung Flannel Shirt Style

Lee Sung Kyung’s flannel shirt style can be an inspiration if you want to try a different look.

Like the portrait above, you can combine a fit body flannel shirt with diamond earrings that add an elegant impression. Now to balance the style, you can add a handbag and wear heels as your shoe choice.

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3. Upgrade your style with a flannel crop shirt like Lisa BLACKPINK

Lisa Blackpink Flannel Shirt Style

Looking to upgrade your look with a flannel shirt? You can copy Lisa BLACKPINK’s style. You can transform a flannel shirt by making it a crop top, then pair it with skinny jeans. In addition, you can choose a bright color flannel shirt such as yellow or neon green to make your appearance more refreshed.

4. Layering style with a flannel shirt like Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun Flannel Shirt Style

Flannel shirts are also suitable for layering. Like Kim Go Eun, you can wear a flannel shirt combined with a T-shirt and outer. This layering style is suitable for you to wear when going to the office when the weather is bad. Then to enhance your appearance, you can wear your favorite flat shoes or sneakers.

5. Looking like a college girl, Taeyeon looks fresh in a yellow flannel shirt

taeyeon SNSD Flannel Shirt Style

Now if you want to look fresher, you can copy the flannel shirt style of this SNSD leader. Taeyeon looks fresh with a white and yellow flannel shirt that she pairs with an oversized white printed t-shirt. To balance the look, you can wear black leggings or skinny jeans and your favorite sneakers!

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6. Semi-casual style with a plaid blazer like Wendy Red Velvet

Wendy Red Velvet Plaid Blazer Style

Want to look formal yet casual? You can try copying this flannel shirt style from Wendy Red velvet! Wendy looks chic with a combination of white t-shirts combined with a plaid blazer as an outer. To complete this style, you can try wearing straight-leg jeans or chinos with sneakers.

7. Flannel shirt layering technique like Jongyeon Twice

Jongyeon Twice Flannel Shirt Style

This layering technique is perfect for those of you who are thin. In addition, you can use this technique when winter arrives.

Try copying Jongyeon Twice style by using a printed t-shirt and flannel shirt as a middle layer. For the outer, use a thick fleece hoodie jacket for extra warmth. You can pair this outfit with comfortable training pants and a pair of sneakers.

8. Look more formal with a plaid blazer overcoat like Mina from Twice

Mina twice wear plaid overcoat blazer

Tired of flannel shirts? You can try a semi-formal style like the one worn by Mina. Mina looks more elegant with a buttoned plaid blazer overcoat. For pants, you can use slacks that look good with this combination.

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Okay, that’s some Korean celebrity styles using flannel shirts that you can try. Do you have any other ideas? Don’t hesitate to write your thoughts in the comments section below!


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