15 Athleisure Styles of Female K-Pop Idols You Can Try

15 Athleisure Styles Of Female K-Pop Idol You Can Try

The athleisure style is quite popular and in demand these days. This trend that combines sportswear style with casual clothing can make your appearance look more casual but still fashionable.

If you are still confused about how to wear athleisure style, you can take a peek at the K-Pop Idol Athleisure Style that you can try below:

1. Lisa (BlackPink)

Lisa Blackpink Athleisure Style

You can try to copy the style worn by Lisa BlackPink with a touch of this cool military look. For this sporty style, you can combine a cropped training jacket with cargo pants that have a military-style striped motif. Add a white sports bra, a beanie hat, and dad sneakers to complete this athleisure style.

2. IU (Singer)

IU Athleisure Style Look

Sometimes simple is the best, as you can see from IU’s look. You can use a hoodie sweatshirt with the same color training pants. Also, use sneakers to complete IU’s cute no-medicine style.

3. Jung Yeon (TWICE)

Jung Yeon Twice Athleisure Style

Athleisure style isn’t all about sports bras or crop tops, as TWICE’s Jungyeon demonstrates here.

You can use a plain t-shirt tucked under black cargo pants. To add a masculine vibe, you can wear dad sneakers with socks or boots with a large crossbody bag for a practical and stylish look.

4. Na Eun (Apink)

Apink Son Na Eun Athleisure Style Look

The queen of leggings is back! It’s not for nothing that she’s dubbed the queen of leggings. How could she not, every legging she wears is always sold out at every opportunity.

As seen in this photo, Na Eun looks chic with high waist leggings paired with a loose cropped hoodie. For the outer, she wears a bomber jacket so it really looks amazing. With a sporty sneaker finish, this style is perfect for those of you who are tall.

5. Hyo Yeon (SNSD)

Hyo Yeon SNSD Athleisure Style

When talking about Korean girls, are famous for being fashionable, as shown by Hyo Yeon from this SNSD dol group. You can try using an outfit similar to the one used by Hyo Yeon.

Use an oversize polo shirt that you mix and match with sneakers and socks to create a sporty yet girly look. For pants, you can try using short sweatpants or short training pants. Hyo Yeon’s athleisure style is still suitable for you to wear anywhere. So, want to try it?

6. Lee Sung Kyung (Actress)

Lee Sung Kyung Athleisure Style

Model and actress Lee Sung-Kyung, who was in the MBC drama ‘The Queen’s Flower’, had a photo shoot with fashion magazine Vogue Girl.

In this photo, Lee Sung-Kyung is styled in an Adidas Stella Sports jacket, shorts, and sneakers, and shows off her sporty charms from the streetwear to the gym.

7. Nana (After School)

Nana (Im Jin Ah) From After School Wear Athleisure Outfit

When talking about women’s athleisure style, it’s definitely not far from Leggings or yoga pants. As seen in the photo, Nana (Im Jin Ah), a singer who graduated from after school, looks chic wearing leggings combined with sweatshirts, baseball caps, and slip-on sneakers.

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8. Kim Yo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung Athleisure Style

This baseball shirt that was trending in 2015 can also be used to complement your athleisure style. You can try to copy Kim Yo Jung’s casual style by combining your baseball shirt with jeans and white sneakers. Although it looks effortless, this athleisure style is still interesting for you to try.

9. Sandara Park (2NE1)

Sandara Park Athleisure Style Outfit

Although it’s not a sports jacket, a bomber jacket can be a fashion item that complements your athleisure style. We just need to wear a bomber jacket with a t-shirt and a snapback like Sandara Park. Instead of wearing a bomber jacket, as usual, you can tie it at the waist as a belt. The result? We’ll get a super cool athleisure style that’s cool to wear to campus.

10. Shin Yu-na (Itzy)

Shin Yu Na Itzy Athleisure Style

Yuna’s Athleisure style is suitable for those of you who like simple clothes for just hanging out. Here Yuna wears a white sleeveless crop tank top, combined with a long gray cardigan. While the bottom is wearing training pants matching the cardigan.

11. Yeji (Itzy)

Yeji Itzy Athleisure Style

Yeji is known for her swag and boyish style. Like her appearance when wearing a tank top with white sweatpants with details of several color streaks.

In this outfit, the combination of tops and bottoms she wore gave the impression of ‘leisure’. Moreover, her comfort is added with a pair of nude-colored lace-up boots.

12. Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

Moonbyul Mamamoo Athleisure Style

When it comes to choosing clothes, all Mamamoo members are known to be very laid-back and tend to have an effortless style. However, of all the members, Moonbyul seems to have an athleisure fashion sense in her.

The reason is, that she often combines sweaters with simple and comfortable jogger pants. The pocket detail of the pants worn by her is reminiscent of cargo pants, which gives a more masculine and stylish vibe. The ends of his pants are tucked into his sneakers, highlighting his black Nike Airmax 97.

13. Rose (Blackpink)

Rose Blackpink Athleisure Style

If you’re someone who likes to be sporty and chic, you can copy Rose BLACKPINK’s style, Gals. Even though it’s as simple as wearing a cardigan, sweat pants, and sneakers, her style is already uber stylish. You can also use this style for your workout. But replace the cardigan with a sweatshirt or long sleeves tee. Perfect for working out!

14. Na Yeon (Twice)

Nayeon Twice Athleisure Style

If you want a more casual athleisure style that doesn’t look like you’re going to the gym, then you can try wearing a varsity jacket like Twice’s Nayeon did.

You can mix and match a black crop top with a varsity jacket outer with baggy high-waist jeans. To complete this style you can use boots and a beanie hat. Now you’re ready to be the center of attention.

15. Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy Red Velvet Athleisure Style

This time we are going to wear one item that defines athleisure style besides yoga pants, Yup Sneakers. This fashion item has long been worn by various people because it is universal and can be worn by anyone. Whether it’s when working out, hanging out, or even going to the office.

You can use sneakers with straight-leg jeans paired with a knit sweater like Red Velvet’s Joy did.

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Well, that’s some athleisure inspiration from idols that you might be able to copy. Besides being on trend, athleisure clothing is suitable for those of you who are bored with the same style.

You can even mix and match your sportswear which is usually only worn while on the field into a contemporary fashion item for hanging out with friends.

So, how about it, interested in trying this style?

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