Tips for Using Instagram to Sell Your Clothing Products!

Tips for using instagram for selling your clothing product

When it comes to figuring out how to sell t-shirts online, there are many options. You can build your own website from scratch, or sell using e-commerce such as Shopee or Tokopedia or-as many people have discovered-sell your products using social media. While Instagram used to be a place to showcase photos, it has become an increasingly popular tool for those who want to sell their products.

Whether you’re just starting a t-shirt manufacturing business or are looking for a new platform to showcase your products, Instagram provides an incredible opportunity for businesses of all sizes to reach members of their target audience and increase sales. If you’re ready to start selling clothes on Instagram, keep reading to find out how!

Easy Tips for Selling Clothing Products on Instagram

1. Start With a Well-Defined Plan

Planning Your Business

If you’re not already running a business, it’s important to start with a well-thought-out and profitable idea. You could buy t-shirts at wholesale prices or buy hoodies in bulk and customize them for your customers then resell them for a profit.

Or you can scour thrift stores to find stylish second-hand clothing to resell, a concept known as thrifting. You can also start an online boutique or sell your own handmade creations.

When it comes to selling clothes on Instagram, the options are almost limitless. What matters is coming up with an idea for your business and a dream to turn your dream into reality.

2. Create an Optimized Instagram Business Profile

Zara Instagram Business Profile

With more and more consumers turning to Instagram to search for clothing brands rather than Google, having a well-optimized business profile is essential. Aside from creating a great feed, this means taking steps to ensure your profile is seen by the right people.

Your profile should include a brand profile photo; a short, well-written biography; and a link to your store. Since you can only have one clickable link on your IG profile, make sure you use your link to its full potential!

3. Use Ad Strategies to Reach Your Target

Instagram Ads Example by NIKE

As algorithms continue to evolve and more and more businesses use the platform, it’s crucial to make sure your outfit is seen by the right people. Running Instagram ads is one of the best ways to do this.

It’s up to you how much money you want to spend, how long you want your ad to run, and where you want it to be seen. There are plenty of options for targeting too, making it easier to ensure your ads are seen by members of your target audience.

While getting started may seem daunting, running an IG ad campaign isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact, you can create a campaign simply by promoting a post you’ve shared by clicking the promote or boost post button and following the prompts.

4. Use the Right Hashtags

instagram hashtags

Ads are great, but they’re not the only way to get your product in front of the right people. Mastering the art of hashtags is essential on this platform, and, once you know it all, you can reach millions of people without spending a dime.

When used correctly, hashtags can help marketers reach niche audiences, track campaigns, and brand their social content.

Sproutsocial, 2020

The tricky thing, however, is deciding what and how many keywords to use. The right hashtags can get you thousands of likes and follows, whereas the wrong ones will get you nowhere.

The key is to choose a few targeted and highly trafficked hashtags. Not sure where to start? Check out posts from some influencers in your niche. While you shouldn’t copy their entire strategy, it’s an easy and quick way to get some ideas.

Ozza Konveksi Instagram profile
Example of Local Clothing Brand That Utilizes Instagram For Marketing Their Product – Ozza Konveksi

Final Thoughts

Instagram is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for entrepreneurs. Whether you want to expand an already lucrative business or you’re trying to make some extra cash, selling clothes on IG could be the answer.

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