10 Desktop app for clothing design

Are you currently planning or want to make a t-shirt? Now you can easily design clothes that you like online and offline using a shirt design application.

Here are 10 lists of the best desktop applications to easily design clothes that we have summarized from free to pay for you. If you are interested in designing your own clothes, this software might be for you.

Free PC Shirt Design Application

The following is a shirt design software for your Desktop PC / laptop that can be downloaded for free:

1. Free T-Shirt Maker

As the name suggests. You can download this Free T-shirt maker software for free. By using this application you can choose the clothes you want. Besides that, you can also choose the color of the clothes. Another excellent feature is that you can add shading effects and also outlines to the screen printing design for the shirt. You can also add your own images or writing to your t-shirt design.

With so many clothing templates available and a simple interface, it will certainly make it easier for you to do clothes design.

2. Smart Shirt Designer

The Smart Shirt Designer application is an application that allows you to create a t-shirt or shirt design. The latest version of this software makes it easy for you to make clothes designs. You only need to import your design into this application and then print it. You can style the clothes that you want to design as you wish.

3. Inkscape

For those of you who are in the world of graphic design, you may be familiar with this software. Inkscape is a vector format graphic design application that can be an alternative to Corel Draw. Inkscape is an open-source application that you can download for free.

At least you need adequate design skills to make the clothes design you want using this application. Fortunately, there are currently many shirt templates in cdr and SVG format that you can download via the internet.
Looking for a complete shirt template with vector format? Download here!

4. T-Shirt Factory Deluxe

T-shirt Factory Deluxe is arguably the old school software which is quite popular for designing until recently. By using this application we can easily make the clothes design we want. One of the advantages of the Factory Deluxe T-shirt application is that you can immediately print the results of your clothing designs using an inkjet printer.

5. Custom Ink

Custom Ink is a web-based or online clothing design application. So you can make your shirt design without having to download the application first. This online application has many features that you can use easily.

Some of its features include inserting text, images, and also a jersey number to make your e-sports team jersey. Even more interesting, you can also choose various styles of clothes, clothes colors, and can print your designs directly.

6. Desktop T-Shirt Creator

Making t-shirts with your own design is currently quite easy and fun. You can design your t-shirts using an application like Desktop T-Shirt Creator. This application created by SonicShack has many features that can make it easier for you to make your t-shirts.

7. Gimp

One of the alternative graphic processing software for Photoshop. Gimp is a graphic design application that you can use to design your clothes. Gimp is an opensource based software that is released for free. The Gimp application also has features similar to Photoshop and has support for opening PSD file formats, so you don’t need to be afraid anymore to design your clothes using GIMP.

PC Shirt Design Application (Paid)

8. GraffixPro Studio

Don’t be surprised by the pro frills because, in fact, this application is quite easy to use even by beginners. This application has a simple appearance and is easy to operate.

Some of the excellent features of the Graffix Studio application such as a large font collection, various clothing templates, a collection of images that you can choose for your clothing design. In addition, this application supports barcode scanning.

9. Corel Draw

CorelDraw is a vector-based graphics editor developed by Corel, a software company headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. The latest version, CorelDRAW 2020® (or version 22) was released in March 2020. It seems there is no need to explain further about CorelDRAW because this software has become an application for a million people for graphic design matters.

Not only used for your clothing designs, but Corel Draw is also very powerful for design matters such as making poster designs, pamphlet designs, product designs, and much more. Maybe the only drawback for those of you who are beginners may take a long time to learn Corel Draw.

10. Photoshop

After discussing Corel Draw as a vector-based PC shirt design application. So this time we discuss Photoshop, in contrast to Corel Draw, Photoshop is a bitmap-based graphics processing software. This application made by Adobe Systems is specifically designed for photo/image editing but can also be used to design your clothes using PSD templates which can be downloaded from the internet.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for you in choosing the right clothes design application for you. Good luck!

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