The Types of Soccer Jersey That Are Sold In The Indonesian Market

Types of Soccer Jersey Types

Every season, there is always a new jersey model that men must buy. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the original, so even the imitation version is an option.

In the market, we often hear the terms original and imitation. Original is usually referred to as original product, while imitation is the term for imitation goods. For the category of imitation itself, there are several types – depending on the level of similarity to the original – including: Perfect imitation, Super imitation and AAA (A3) imitation.

By the way, do you already know the type of jersey, starting from the original to the imitation? Come see the explanation here!

Imitation Jersey


Compared to other types, this imitation jersey has the lowest price. Starting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. However, with this low price, the quality of this jersey is of course very low. This can be seen from the type of material used and the shape of the stitches that are not neat.

Supporter Version Jersey (SV)

Supporter Version Jersey

This product is an official product of an apparel that sponsors a team and also gets a license from the club concerned. However, this type of jersey has a standard quality. Some apparel also distinguishes the shape or appearance of this costume from a higher version. When compared to the imitation costumes, the price of this jersey is certainly more expensive but not as expensive as products at the level above. For those with limited funds, the SV jersey can be the right choice.

Replica Jersey

Replica Jersey

In the realm of soccer jersey, this type of product is actually one of the most authentic, about 85% similar to the specifications of the costumes used by players on the field. Don’t doubt the quality of this jersey. Furthermore, of all the types of jersey available, replica costumes are the most sold in official apparel outlets. The price of a costume with replica specifications is generally slightly higher than the supporter version (SV).

Player Issue

Player Issue Jersey

The price of a product is often determined by the quality it has, so this jersey has a higher price than the three types of costumes we mentioned earlier. The authenticity of this costume is even 100% the same as that used by the players on the field, including the technology in it. For soccer uniform collectors, this type of jersey is certainly an option to collect. You also have to prepare more budget if you want to have a costume with player issue specifications.

Match Issue

Match Issue Jersey

Which team supporter doesn’t want to have the original jersey belonging to Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? If there was, of course it would be a little naive right? And this match issue type costume is the jersey of the highest quality. Usually, this uniform is a “armor” for footballers who are canceled even though they have been prepared for a certain match. So no need to be surprised if this one costume also has perfect completeness because it already has the name and jersey number of a footballer along with the patches on the right and left of the arm. Price? Of course, it can reach millions of rupiah.

Match Worn

Match Worn Jersey

If all this time we have been hesitant to wear other people’s used clothes, especially if they are dirty or sweaty, then don’t do it for this one jersey. Because match worn costume is the uniform that the players have worn when competing. So don’t be stunned if this type of costume is bought and sold in an ‘as is’ condition. In that sense, if there is dirt or paint stains due to falling on the ground, it is certain that it will not be cleaned because it is said that it will reduce the selling value of the costume. Regarding the price, like a match issue costume, this type can also be priced up to tens of millions.

Custom Jersey

Custom Jersey
Custom Jersey. Source:

A custom jersey is a type of jersey that is made according to the design of the customer. Usually has its team logo and a name that is tailored to the name of the customer. The price is relatively affordable with quite a variety of materials


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