Is It true That Tote Bags Are Not Suitable For Storing Food?

Tote Bag for Storing Food

If you like to carry a tote bag as a shopping bag when shopping at the market or supermarket. Now you can use it not only as shopping companion, but also use tote bags to organize food, such as vegetables and fruits in your home. Instead of having to buy a new shelf or food storage, you can take advantage of used tote bags at home. Here we provide some tips for you about recycling tote bags as food storage places.

Of course you will find it difficult to give up a tote bag that is still fit for use as a food storage place. Therefore, you should use old tote bags to make them, rather than throwing them away or piling them up in the cupboard. So, when the tote bag is no longer suitable for you to carry when shopping or traveling to a place, you can turn it into a food storage place. Here are some tips from Ozza Konveksi for you:

  1. Storing vegetables and fruit from supermarkets
    You can reuse your used tote bag to store fruits and vegetables on the dining table. we advises you to arrange them attractively so that they look tidier when on the table.
  2. Dry product storage
    Furthermore, the Ozza Konveksi recommends that you reuse mini cotton tote bags that are no longer suitable for use as storage for dry products, such as rice, nuts and seeds in the kitchen.
  3. Storing fresh fruit and vegetables
    Unlike the fruits and vegetables from supermarkets, the fruits and vegetables that you get directly from the garden will give you a fresher taste. Therefore, in order to stay fresh for a long time, Gianyar bag convection recommends you to reuse the large burlap tote bag to store it.

When you don’t have an attractive tote bag to carry, you can reorder them in groups to make them look more attractive at the Market. Not only tote bags, but you will also find other bag models that are no less interesting.


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