10 Trucker Hats That Can Make You Look Cooler Like a Rapper

10 Trucker Hats That Can Make You Look Cooler Like a Rapper

Trucker hats were originally considered cheap quality hats. But now trucker hats are popular because they are of higher quality and have a trendy model. You can wear it as an accessory to make your appearance even cooler.

Today’s Trucker Hats Have Its Own Fans

Many people don’t know what a trucker hat is even though this type of hat is very familiar to the wider community. Trucker hat is a hat that resembles a baseball cap. Trucker hats were originally widely used by truck drivers and farmers in the United States in the 70s. This cheap quality hat is a gift from an agricultural company. This hat became increasingly popular when celebrities such as Pharrell William and Aston Kutcher wore it.

The trucker hat has a simple style but is still fashionable to use in everyday activities. The quality also varies depending on the materials used. Some are made of ordinary cotton, canvas, denim, and even leather. The trucker hat design is even more unique because the front also has an attractive screen printing image or writing.

Trucker Hat Typical Features You Should Know

  • The front of the hat has an Upright and Rigid shape
  • Trucker Hat has long shaped brim
  • The Back of the Trucker Hat is Made of Nets
  • Suitable for use for outdoor activities

10 Cool Trucker Hats to Choose from

Hats can make men look fashionable and trendy. With the right mix and match of clothes, your appearance will look harmonious. Many choices of attractive trucker hat models and colors to choose from. Here are some trucker hat recommendations that you can wear in your every activity.

1. DC Madglads Hdwr Bra0

DC Madglads Hdwr Bra0

One of the trucker hats that can enter your collection is the DC Madglads Hdwr Bra0. This blue hat has a snapback fastener that you can use to adjust the hat size so that it fits snugly against the head. This hat is made of red and blue polyester which makes your appearance even more attractive and trendy. You can own this trucker hat for IDR 249,000 at Zalora.

2. Quiksilver Troubled Nite M Hats Wbb0

Quiksilver Troubled Nite M Hats Wbb0

Quicksilver’s trucker hat, which is a pioneer brand of surfing equipment, can be an interesting choice for you to try. One of the collections that you can have is the Quiksilver Troubled Nite Hats Wbb0. This black hat is made of polyester with a cool screen print on the front so that your appearance becomes more fashionable. You can have this hat for IDR 236,000 at Zalora.

3. Hurley Holiday Trucker Hat

Hurley Holiday Trucker Hat

Not only men, trucker hats can also be worn by women. If you want to be different and seem more trendy with a hat as an accessory, then you can use a motif hat that attracts attention and looks unique. One of the Hurley collections that you can choose from is the Hurley Holiday Trucker Hat which has a flower motif with a very interesting embossed logo. You can have a hat made of cotton for IDR 277,800 at polyvore.com.

4. Hurley Corp Trucker Hat

Hurley Corp Trucker Hat

Another collection in the Hurley hat series that can protect your head from dirt and dust is the Hurley Corp Trucker Hat. On the sepan section of this black hat, there is an embossed logo, which makes this trucker hat even more attractive and simple to try. You can adjust the back buckle of your hat according to the size of your head. Made of quality polyester, there is no doubt that you can take this hat home for around IDR 346,000. Get this hat at citybeach.com.au.

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5. Obey Established 89 Trucker Navy

Obey Established 89 Trucker Navy

There are many choices of hats that you can choose from, one of which is Obey Established 89 Trucker Navy which is a collection of Obey Clothing. This dark blue trucker hat is made of polyester cotton which has embroidered embellishments on the front. You can buy this hat at Zalora for IDR 495,000.

6. Emba Jeans Xikno

Emba Jeans Xikno

The hat has many uses, from being a head protector to at the same time being an accessory that is now being loved by many young people. To complete your look, you can wear Emba Jeans Xikno which is a collection of hats from a jeans manufacturer that has been around for 48 years. This trucker hat is very attractive because it has a combination of red, black and gray. There is also an embroidered logo on the front of the hat. You can buy this polyester hat at Zalora for IDR 439,900.

7. Quiksilver Snapstearn

Quiksilver Snapstearn

The trucker hat from Quiksilver, Quicksilver Snaptearn, has a simple model and only has a logo on the front. This black hat is made of polyester. You can buy this hat at Zalora for IDR 249,000.

8. Billabong All Day Trucker

Billabong All Day Trucker

To protect your face from sun exposure in a simple way, then you can use a hat that fits a trendy style such as the Billabong All Day Trucker hat from Billabong. This hat is made of cotton polyester which is comfortable to wear. This navy hat has simple embroidery details in light brown. Get this hat for IDR 249,000 at Zalora.

9. Obey Oval Patch Trucker Black

Obey Oval Patch Trucker Black

If you are a man who has long hair and wants to look relaxed without taking care of your hair in your daily activities, then you need a hat to cover your head and make your hair look tidier. The trucker hat choice can be the right choice for you, one of which is the Obey Oval Patch Trucker Black hat. This hat, which is a collection from Obey, has a black color and is made of cotton polyester. There are embroidery details on the front of this hat. You can buy it at Zalora for IDR 495,000.

10. Quiksilver Snapstearn

Quiksilver Snapstearn hat

To come to a casual event, surely you need accessories that support your appearance to make it seem more casual but still interesting to look at. You can choose the newest trucker hat from Quiksilver, the Quiksilver Snapstearn, as an interesting choice. This hat has a black color that is perfect for men who want to look stunning. Made of polyester and has a detailed logo on the front. You can buy this hat at Zalora for IDR 249,000.

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