History Of The Bomber Jacket That Rarely People Know

History Of The Bomber Jacket That People Rarely Know

Some young people, you may be familiar with the bomber jacket. Yes, this one fashion item is usually combined and matched with t-shirts and skinny jeans (skinny jeans). Bomber jackets give the impression of being fun but still look cool.

Whats Is A Bomber Jacket?

A Bomber Jacket is traditionally a short (waist-length) outerwear that has a gathered, ribbed waistband and matching cuffs. It has a zipper front and often has four functional pockets at the top and sides. Aside from leather, bombers are also made using Polyester, Nylon, and Cotton.

Bomber Jackets can either have a flat round collar matching the waistband or a shirt collar that is either plain or with a Shearling lining through its evolution.

Looking Back At Bomber Jacket

Anyway, it turns out that this jacket is not only useful as a body warmer or as a mere outer. There is a historical value behind the making of this jacket. What’s that?

This jacket was originally born for the purposes of the United States Air Force (US) military activities in the first world war. The US government was asked by their Air Force to make jackets for pilots who took to the air for the war.

History Of Bomber Jacket

From there, a jacket with a wrap-around neck was created with tight sleeves and a zip pocket. This design is not original. The cut was made to warm pilots at high altitudes during the war.

Furthermore, at the end of the second world war, an aviation pioneer in England, Leslie Irvin developed the bomber jacket in terms of materials. Previously, the first bomber jacket was made of sheepskin which was layered to keep it warm. It also serves to meet the needs of pilots in the Royal Air Force. However, to add to the uniqueness, finally installed air force padges and badges.

Entering the era of the 70s or 80s, the bomber jacket finally transformed into a mainstream fashion item. Spearheaded by actor Tom Cruise who played in the film “Top Gun” (1986) and played Pete Maverick, he was seen wearing a bomber jacket.

Then entering the era of the 90s to the early 2000s, this jacket became a fashion identity in hip-hop culture.

Well, nowadays, the bomber jacket is back in hits because of the super-versatile jacket worn by Kanye West. The jacket is also included in Yeezy, his clothing line. However, this bomber jacket is also a complement to fans of retro and 90’s pop fashion.

In Indonesia, you may remember how viral the current President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, wore a bomber jacket when he gave a speech about a demonstration carried out by Muslims in Jakarta in November 2016.

Original Model of Bomber Jacket

1. Bomber Jacket A-1

In 1927, the US Army Air Corps officially issued the A-1 flight jacket made of leather. This bomber jacket has a design in the form of a front opening and a pocket that uses buttons. The collar is knitted with closed buttons. In addition, this jacket has cuffs at the wrist and elastic at the waist.

2. Bomber Jacket A-2

The A-2 Bomber Jacket was launched in 1931 as part of the development of the A-1 bomber jacket. Initially, the A-2 bomber jacket was created for the US Air Force pilots, navigators, and bombardiers. Bomber Jackets are usually decorated with patches from the squadron.

This jacket, at first glance, is similar to the A-1 bomber model, the difference is that the A-2 model uses a front opening and the pocket closes using a zipper. This jacket is one of the most recognized and sought-after jacket models.

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3. Bomber jacket G-1

The Bomber G-1 is a jacket made of leather with a fur lining on the collar. This jacket is used not only by air force pilots but also by the US Navy, Army, and Coast Guard.

Since being used by Tom Cruise in the film “Top Gun” the popularity of this jacket has increased and is liked by many people.

4. Bomber Jacket B-15

The B-15 bomber jacket model is the A-2 replacement jacket model that was released as a limited edition. Not like the A-2. The B-15 bomber jacket is made of Nylon. The B-15 bomber jacket features a wool collar with an additional fur lining. Two slanted pockets on the front and a pocket on the sleeves, cuffs, and elastic at the waist.

5. Bomber Jacket MA-1

The MA-1 jacket is a bomber jacket developed after the invention of the Jet aircraft. The design of leather jackets made in the era of the first and second world wars was deemed less suitable for pilots of fighter jets. This is because when the plane flies high the temperature becomes colder.

If the heavy and bulky leather jacket gets sweaty or wet, it can cause the water to freeze at a certain height. This situation can make the pilot’s body cold and uncomfortable.

In addition, fighter jet pilots need a jacket that is lighter, slimmer but still warm. Because jet planes have a streamlined design and a narrower cockpit and are full of new equipment. That is why the speed and flexibility of the pilot to get in and out of the cockpit are very important.

6. Bomber Jacket M-2

Unlike its predecessors, the M-2 bomber jacket has a design using a large cargo pocket, the same inner color as the outside, and a shorter waist. This model is now used in the world of military aviation.

Model CWU-45P is used for cold weather while CWU-36P is used for warm/hot weather. Both of these bomber jackets use the same Nomex material.

Bomber Jacket Nowadays

Currently, bomber jackets are increasingly popular because of the many artists and influencers who take part in wearing this type of jacket. For example, Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner wear bomber jackets as their daily outfit.

In addition, several Korean artists with their K-POP culture also enliven this one fashion item. As you can see, the bomber jacket has now become an inseparable fashion item from our world. From what was originally only used by fighter pilots to become a fashion trend that is liked by many people.


Well, how? Now you know the long history of the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets have indeed become an inseparable part of the fashion industry today. From what was once only used by fighter pilots to become a world trendsetter. Starting from men, women, young and old, everyone likes to wear a bomber jacket.

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