The Difference Between Korean And Japanese Fashion That You Should Know

The Differences Between Korean And japanese Fashion

As we know, Japan and Korea are the centers of Asian fashion trends. This is inseparable from the influence of the entertainment industry of the two countries which tends to be massive and global. Its thick culture and history also contribute to making fashion from both countries quite popular.

Then, what are the differences between Korean and Japanese fashion that you need to know? Here is the full answer!

Japanese and Korean Fashion Differences

In general, Korean and Japanese fashion have different characteristics from each other. We will summarize some of these differences in several segments, so here are the differences!

Based on Dress Style

Japanese And Korean Fashion Difference Based On Dress

Korean fashion: Korean dressing style tends to be more feminine and glamorous with a focus on tighter clothing to show off curves. In addition, most Korean clothing styles tend to be influenced by the K-Pop industry.

Japanese Fashion: The Japanese way of dressing is a bit unique to Koreans. Unlike Koreans, Japanese fashion tends to be more relaxed and loose, with clothes that have more layers. In addition, Japanese fashion mostly focuses on street style, kawaii and gothic themes.

Based on Color Selection

Japanese And Korean Fashion Differences Based On Color Outfit

Korean Fashion: Another characteristic of Korean style is by looking at the color selection of their outfit. Koreans tend to choose clothes with bright and soft colors in one look. For a more minimalist style, Koreans tend to choose white, gray, and black colors.

Japanese Fashion: In choosing colors, Japanese people prefer brighter and bolder colors. For a more minimalist style, Japanese people prefer neutral colors such as beige, wood, tortilla or dark brown. Sometimes Japanese also like to collide contrasting and colorful colors to give the impression of an edgy look.

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Korean and Japanese Fashion Differences Based on Makeup

Japanese And Korean Fashion Difference Bassed On Makeup

One of the significant differences between Korean and Japanese makeup styles is color trends. Orange, red, pink, and brown are the preferred colors of Korean women. While Japanese women prefer beige, easy red, and orange colors.

Makeup in Korean fashion is generally more dramatic with a focus on using thick false eyelashes and bold eyeliner. While makeup in Japanese fashion is more natural and light with a focus on colored lips and minimalist eye makeup.

Korean and Japanese Fashion Differences Based on Outfit Selection

Japanese And Korean Fashion Differences Based On Outfit Selection

Japanese outfit selection: Besides style, Japanese people prioritize comfort. That’s why most Japanese people love oversize clothes. There are even many fashion houses in Japan that capitalize on the oversize clothing trend.

In addition to baggy clothes, many Japanese young people use eccentric clothes that we often know as the Harajuku fashion style. This trend is characterized by the use of edgy and hardcore clothing such as lolita, gothic, punk, and kawaii clothing styles.

Korean outfit selection: For those of you who are curious why Korean fashion is quite popular, it is because the clothing style is easy to imitate. Like denim, skinny jeans, and white button-down shirts. These simple outfits are very elegant and suitable for everyday use.

Although Koreans tend to wear simpler and calmer outfits, the stage outfits are bolder and more expressive, just like the K-Pop idols wear.

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Accessories Selection

Japanese And Korean Fashion Differences Based On Accessories

Accessories in Japanese fashion tend to be bigger and flashier, such as high heels, big bags, and big necklaces. Unique and artsy accessories are also the choice of Japanese people such as chokers, sailor hats, and bracelets. The use of these accessories focuses on a more kawaii and bold look.

Meanwhile, accessories in Korean fashion tend to be smaller and simpler, such as small bags, thin necklaces, and more minimalist jewelry.


Okay, that was some of the differences in fashion between Japanese and Korean people. Every country and region certainly has different beauty standards and fashion cultures. By knowing these differences we will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of each fashion.

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