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The Best Windbreaker Jacket Brands Today

There’s nothing better than having a wardrobe full of your favorite jackets to complete your look. When it comes to clothing to support your daily style, the jacket is one of them.

On this occasion, we will discuss what a windbreaker jacket is, its types, and our recommended windbreaker jacket brand.

What Is Windbreaker Jacket?

The Windbreaker jacket is perhaps one of the most popular outerwear for men designed with functionality over style in mind. Windbreaker jackets are usually made of thin and light materials such as nylon and polyester.

Windbreaker has the advantage of being waterproof, not hot, and designed to protect the body from wind, cold weather, and maybe drizzling rain.

What is a Windbreaker Jacket Made of?

Today, windbreakers are typically made from nylon, polycotton (A mix of polyester and cotton fabric), or different cotton mixes. These fabrics are usually treated with a waterproofing finish to withstand the rain.

The History Of Windbreaker Jacket


Windbreaker jackets first became popular as informal outerwear in the 1970s. This jacket model is known to be similar to a parka jacket. This jacket is often thought of as a development of the parka jacket worn by the Inuit in Antarctica.

This jacket has various names according to the region. For example, the term windbreaker jacket is used in North America and Japan. While in the UK and certain Commonwealth countries including Australia and India, this jacket is commonly referred to as a windcheater.

While the United Kingdom used to refer to windbreaker jackets as windjammers or cagoules. But actually, the term windcheater jacket was born before the windbreaker jacket. At first, the term jacket was named for clothing that looked more like a pullover jacket than a modern windbreaker jacket.

If the windbreaker jacket model has a waist-length, while the windcheater model tends to be longer to the thigh.

The area mentioned above tends to be cold, so people who live there look for a jacket that is light but able to withstand the cold while keeping the snow from falling frequently.

So that a windbreaker is created which is lighter in weight than a thick jacket such as a wool jacket but has the ability to provide warmth not inferior to even the thickest wool jacket.

Then in its development, this jacket then spread to various corners of the world, even becoming the most popular jacket to withstand the cold.

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The Best Windbreaker Jacket Brands Today

1. Patagonia

Patagonia Windbreaker Jacket

Created in the image of its founder, youthful mountain man, and environmentalist Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is more than just an outdoor gear label, it is a key player in making the apparel industry sustainable.

Most of the California climbing company’s hardwearing and fitting products are made from recycled materials. They have even run a campaign urging consumers not to buy new Patagonia jackets, but to repair old ones.

This jacket is quite popular because it is durable and has a variety of colors.

2. The North Face

The North Face Windbreaker Jacket

Talking about outdoor jackets, it’s incomplete if we don’t discuss The North Face. The brand that was born in Cali has grown to become the most famous brand in the world. Their ability to produce outdoor equipment and cool everyday clothes is unquestionable.

And if we talk about the best windbreakers, it doesn’t hurt if you have a jacket from this brand.

3. Adidas

Adidas Windbreaker Jacket

Adidas is a brand founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler and Rudolf Dassler in 1920 in Germany. At first, they only produced sports shoes before finally entering the fashion industry with their cool jackets.

If you are confused about finding the best premium windbreaker jacket brand, you can try this one sports brand. So how? do you already have a windbreaker jacket from Adidas?

4. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Windbreaker Jacket

When it comes to high-quality clothing, you may have heard of the UNIQLO brand. This Japanese brand already has experience in making various kinds of quality clothing products. Starting from shirts, pants, hats, sandals, and vests to jackets.

The wide product range certainly makes you have many choices in choosing a quality windbreaker jacket.

5. Black Diamond Windbreaker Jacket

Black Diamond Windbreaker Jacket

The Black Diamond Alpine Start isn’t the lightest or most packable jacket here, but it might be the best-performing. In fact, it tops the Patagonia Houdini Air above in most categories except for weight and packed size, and it’s so breathable that we keep it on even during the highest intensity of runs.

A relatively roomy fit and helmet-compatible hood round out the mountain-specific build, which ups the ante for windbreakers with a great next-to-skin feel and slight insulative properties.

6. Columbia Flashback Windbreaker

columbia Flashback Windbreaker Jacket

The budget-friendly Columbia Flashback (men’s) and Flash Forward (women’s) are great choices if you’re looking for a more casual windbreaker.

The loose fit makes them easy to layer over other clothing, and the women’s version is also one of the few windbreakers on our list that has drawstrings at the hem and on the hood for a dialed-in fit.

These jackets are available in a huge variety of fun colors – and the women’s version has some particularly flattering design details – so they’re excellent choices for those wanting a fashionable performance piece for around town.

7. Eiger

Eiger Windbreaker Jacket

Previously, most jacket brands came from abroad, this time we will discuss Eiger, a local brand that is well known worldwide. This jacket is strong enough and not easily damaged, so you don’t have to doubt the quality of the jacket they produce.

Eiger was originally founded in the 90s by Ronny Lukito and produces products for mountaineering, camping, and rock climbing such as bags and jackets.

If you are confused about choosing the best windbreaker jacket brand, you can always try the Eiger windbreaker jacket.

Tips To Choose The Best Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker Jacket Style Outfit

When buying a windbreaker jacket, prioritize comfort rather than just a trend or model. For that, pay attention to the following tips so that you don’t go wrong in choosing a windbreaker jacket.

  1. Pay attention to the extra features of a windbreaker jacket. The more extras or prints, the heavier the windbreaker jacket. For that, choose the one that suits your needs.
  2. Make sure the sleeves of this windbreaker jacket are long enough to cover your wrists. Some manufacturers even make variations of windbreaker jackets that are equipped with thumb holes that function to warm the palms of the hands.
  3. If you choose a windbreaker jacket with a hoodie, make sure it can be adjusted to your head. Before buying, you should try it first, then feel whether the hoodie is comfortable to wear.
  4. We recommend that you choose a windbreaker jacket that fits your body. Why? Because there will be a chance you wear it with layered clothes. Therefore, do not choose a jacket that is too tight because it will make you uncomfortable, and not too loose because it will make it difficult for you to wear layered clothes.
  5. Pay attention to the zipper because the wind can easily infiltrate from this section. Therefore, make sure the inside of the zipper of this windbreaker jacket has a lining.

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