Safety Vest Functions And Benefits

Safety Vest Functions And Benefit

Have you ever seen a road worker or a construction worker wearing a vest with a light-colored vest? What is the purpose of them wearing the vest? Well, this time we will discuss the function of safety vests that are often used by field workers.

A safety vest is one of the personal protective equipment specifically designed to protect field workers. Usually, safety vests are made of polyester with a reflector or light reflector. This makes it easier for workers to be seen at night or in areas with dark conditions.

Safety vests are usually used by field workers such as police, vehicle operators, mining workers, construction workers, parking workers, or road maintenance workers.

Use of Safety Vest

Safety vests are very useful for outdoor workers because they can reduce the risk of accidents. That’s why work safety vests are usually worn by workers whose work locations are on the road or adjacent to the road.

Safety vests are also often used in areas that have heavy vehicle traffic activities. Construction workers must also wear work safety vests so that they can be easily detected by other parties, especially those using potentially dangerous cranes. In addition, safety vests are also often seen being used by members of the fire department, SAR (Search and Rescue) team, and so on.

Kinds Of Safety Vests

Did you know that there are several types of safety vests? Now, before we discuss the function of a safety vest, it’s a good idea to know what kinds of work safety vests are on the market today.

1. Mesh Vest

This orange project vest has another name for safety vest scot X. The material of the vest uses polyester material and is usually worn by mining workers or motorbike riders. This type of vest is easy to identify because it has spotlight tape on the front and back of the vest.

2. Safety Vest K3

Talking about work safety vests is incomplete if you don’t discuss K3 safety vests. The design of the K3 safety vest itself has 6 pockets and is equipped with a zipper and a reflector that can light up in dark conditions.

K3 safety vests have grade levels starting from:

Safety Vest Performance Class 1

This is the type of vest with the lowest grade and has few safety standards. Performance safety vest 1 color basic material is not too bright so it is not recommended for building construction workers or field workers.

Safety Vest Performance Class 2

Not much different from performance 1, the safety vest with performance grade 2 has a light green material color characteristic with a standard brightness level. Field workers during the day are suitable if using this vest.

Safety Vest Class 3

This type of vest is highly recommended to be worn by workers with a high level of work accident risk, especially at night or when in a location with minimal lighting. This K3 performance 3 safety vest is characterized by a bright light background material color with the highest level of visibility and conscientiousness.

Safety Apparel

Safety Vest Function

  • As a personal protective device
  • Serves to minimize the occurrence of work accidents
  • To be easily seen by others in dark conditions with minimal light or at night
  • Protects clothes from splashing stains or water because the material is made of water-repellent material.
  • Increase the vigilance of motorists in order to slow down the vehicle speed.

Benefits And Advantages Of Using A Safety Vest

  • Easy to see in the dark. The bright color of the reflective tape on the safety vest can be easily seen by others, especially at night. So as to minimize the occurrence of work accidents.
  • Increase alertness. The choice of color on a safety vest should not be arbitrary. The color of this vest usually uses bright colors such as orange, yellow or green. This is because this color tends to be easier to see from a distance. So it can increase alertness.
  • Protects clothes from stains and water. Although not all vests have a waterproof feature, most safety vests are designed with this feature. Dirty and heavy fieldwork certainly makes workers often exposed to stains, dust, splashes of water, and wind. So using a safety vest can reduce the effects of being exposed to these stains.
  • Affordable price. Generally, the price of safety vests is relatively affordable and should not be a reason for companies not to buy safety vests for their employees who work in hazardous locations. Compared to the losses that will arise when a work accident occurs, for example, financial losses, and so on.

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