Clothing Care Label Symbol Guide

Clothing Care Label Symbol

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When you buy a shirt or T-shirt, have you ever noticed the label on the inside or back of the neck of the shirt? Often there are garment labels with various instructions, including some symbols for how to wash the garment and how to properly care for it. But do you know what these symbols mean? See the review below!

Symbols of Washing Machines

If you are accustomed to machine washing, please pay attention to the laundry instructions on the clothing label to determine whether the clothes can be machine washed or hand washed only in the future.

This washing process also affects the durability of the garment, especially for T-shirts made of cotton. Machine washing should be avoided. Please note the following washing instructions.

Washing Symbol
  • Machine wash
  • Machine wash, medium cycle
  • Machine wash, light cycle
  • Hand wash
  • Not washable

Drying Symbols

When drying clothes, pay attention to the symbols on the garment label. That way, you will not follow the wrong procedure when drying your garments.

Drying Symbol 1
  • Normal drying
  • Normal drying, low temperature
  • Normal dry, medium temperature
  • Normal drying, high temperature
  • Dry as usual without heat

For T-shirts, do not use hangers when drying as they will damage the neck and shirt collar.

Drying Symbol 2
  • Hang to dry
  • Hang clothes that are still wet
  • Dry in a flat position
  • Dry in the shade

What is dry cleaning if I find a crossed circle symbol that means dry cleaning of clothing is not allowed? It is a professional laundry service that may need to wash soft clothing or formal suits. Dry cleaning is sometimes referred to as laundry. The dry cleaning process is performed by a laundry or laundry service.

Drying Symbol 3
  • Unable to dry
  • Cannot dry normally
  • Dry
  • Dry cleaning
  • Dry cleaning is not available

Symbol Of Ironing Clothes

Of course, ironing the garment is very important to ensure that the garment will not wrinkle properly, but pay attention to the symbols on the garment label.

Make sure that no errors are made. The shirt will be damaged. For the material of the shirt, make sure the maximum temperature of the iron is 110°C. Turn the shirt inside out to keep the shirt in good condition. This is especially true if the shirt has screen printing.

Ironing Symbol 1
  • Iron at any temperature, with any of the steam
  • Cannot be ironed
Ironing Symbol 2
  • Maximum temperature 110°C
  • Maximum temperature 150°C
  • Maximum temperature 200°C
  • Steamless irons

Bleach Use Symbol

Some garments may require bleach during laundering, especially if there are stains on the garment that are difficult to remove, such as soy sauce, sauces, or coffee.

However, not all garments can be bleached, as the chemical liquid from the bleach itself can damage the garment and the garment’s screen printing. If a crossed triangle symbol is found, it means the garment is not bleachable.

Bleach Usage Symbol
  • Use bleach if necessary
  • Bleach is not allowed
  • Only oxygen bleach or chlorine-free bleach will be permitted, if necessary
  • Only non-chlorine bleach is allowed, if necessary

This is the information regarding the symbols for garment care instructions. The main purpose of these instruction labels is to keep the garments in good condition, make them last longer, and avoid accidental damage during laundering, so be sure to follow the instructions.

We hope this information is helpful!

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